Our services are covered by most CIGNA medical insurance plans. Please contact your CIGNA insurance (phone number can be found on the back of your member card) for assistance in obtaining authorization for our services. For patients covered by a CIGNA health insurance plan, our office will submit claims for the covered portion of services indicated on your plan. The patient is required to pay the remaining balance at the time services are provided. 

For other insurance plans, the office provides the patient with a receipt containing diagnosis codes and all information regarding Dr. Brandeis's legal and business status required to submit an insurance claim. Patients can submit the receipt to their insurance plan for the processing of their claim. 


From a cost-to-benefit perspective, naturopathic medical care is possibly the best value in health care available. The impact on the quality of your life, the long term savings of preventive medicine, and the sense of security you obtain from naturopathic approaches to wellness are immeasurable and priceless. We encourage you to contact our office to discuss how naturopathic medicine can serve your health and medical needs. Please click on the link below to get an idea of cost.