Dear Doc: Is organic better?

Dear Doc:
Are organic vegetables really that much better for us than the conventionally grown vegetables? Organic veggies are so much more expensive, but I am willing to try growing some of my own if it will make that much of a difference to our health.

There is a huge advantage to organic food consumption. The most important personal benefit is the nutritional value of the produce. Studies have shown a greater concentration of quality vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients in organic versus conventionally raised food. Organic is also free of toxic elements like pesticides, antibiotics, and toxic heavy metals. Organics are sustainable and good for the planet.

You make a statement to agribusiness when you spend your food dollars on organic food. The cost of organic production coupled with a diminished shelf life make organic food more expensive. Vote with your food dollars. Your purchases send a message to your grocery store that you are willing to spend more money to receive quality food that will improve the quality and longevity of your life.

I have vastly increased the amount of organic food consumption in the past few years. Organics are available in almost every grocery store in the valley these days. I can feel the difference. If you are a foody, the taste of quality organics is impossible to beat. If you do not believe it, try a taste comparison at home.

Disease prevention begins with nutrition. Quality food, water and air are essential to sustain a life free of the complications from a toxic environment. Each small step creates a huge impact over the course of a lifetime. Nutrients from good quality vegetables, fruits, and meats are always a superior source to taking manufactured supplements. Put the dollars spent on nutritional supplements into quality organic food. There is no better anti-aging regimen than quality organic food. The change will have a lasting impact on your apperance and the vigor of all your activities. Think of money spent on organic food as an investment in the quality and quantity of life. It sends a message to US commerce that we care about our health and the health of the planet.


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