Dear Doc: Back Pain

Dear Doc:

What is the best option for someone with chronic lower back pain? I have tried physical therapy several time - no relief. X-rays show I have a slightly bulging disc but not enough the doctor said to cause that much pain. I have had it since 2001 and am so tired of pain killers. - Judy
The good news is I can resolve it. Thank you for an opportunity to discuss a new therapy I have been using in my practice. I have searched and studied alternative pain treatments for years.
I am offering an effective therapy to replace the medications and most of the alternative pain treatments you may have in mind. Better yet, the FDA has approved this therapy for pain relief and control. The therapy utilizes scenar. I am excited because my patients have received lasting relief of their pain issues. It is non toxic, has few contraindications and improves over all health. While the FDA has approved it for pain control, it is all that and so much more. The Russians use it for everything these days. They use it in doctors offices and hospitals. With over 40 years of study, they have arrived at a therapy that thrills me. The rest of Europe, Canada and Australia have been using it for quite some time now. It is making its way into the United States.
Scenar was developed in the 1970s in the Soviet Union for the treatment of a variety of health issues for cosmonauts. The Soviet goal was an effective therapy to work in the weightless of space and could be used on the direction of a physician on Earth or many times without their input. They wanted medical treatment for the space station. When one considers that people in the USSR were treated by the state for health issues, the therapy needed to be effective and inexpensive. Other criteria were safety and universal application without hearmful side effects or restrictions of application. They accomplished their therapy goal and have spent decades studying applications for all diseases.
In a nutshell, the therapy awakens and balances the nervous system throughout the entire body. In doing so, it regulates pain by a dialogue between the device and the nervous system and brain. In doing a balance similar to Acupuncture or other similar systems of medicine, the body regains control of the healing process. Overtime, the body is able to heal itself and resolve the pain. This possibly begs the questions which is, I have had a permanent issue. I am looking for pain control because nothing has ever healed the problem.
One needs to shift their preconception of disease and what will work based on the consultation with a physician and their knowledge and application of therapy. Pain is like the indicator light on your car. It tells you there is a problem. It is your task to resolve it. You and your physician can ignore the indicator light, turn it off, or fix the issue. Many people ignore the problem by taking some pain meds. This is somewhat like turning the indicator light off. Pain meds bypass the indicator light from your nervous system. However, the patient owns the choice and the result.
Scenar therapy does three things. First, it locates the issue and assists in diagnosis. You can tell the scenar physician where the pain is. The device will confirm this. Or it will actually tell the physician where the real issue is. Second, the device creates a dialogue with the body's nervous system. This opens communication for healing and resolution. Thirdly, because the device interacts with the brain, it allows a nervous system to balance many issues which leads to resolution.
For instance, I have treated acute allergic headaches and acute sinus attacks with potential infections successfully within 15 minutes of therapy. Normally, I would have provided intravenous therapy or possibly antibiotic therapy in the past. People have not required this after scenar therapy. The body was able to generate and promote a natural immune response and resolve the pain by the end of the treatment. Of course, scenar does not replace good nutrition and all of the other ingredients for good health. It does enhance the body's ability to direct metabolism in a positive healthy manner. Scenar is simply balancing.
To this reader's particular issue: Forty years of Russian research has demonstrated resolution of bulging discs and it pain. Pain resolution occurs soon and the disc resolves relatively quickly over time. This treatment does not use surgery. Scoliosis and a bending of the spine have been resolved as well. So while the FDA approved scenar for pain control, you can see the therapy does that and much more.
I have successfully used this therapy to improve mobility and reduce pain in several patients with back pain. Some of these patients have had issues for decades. Their quality of life without pain is priceless. The therapy allows the removal of pain killers that have extensive side effects and so those problems resolve as well.
Most importantly, scenar impacts the production of neuropeptides and neurohormones. This means that depression and other affective disorders are improved and treated as well. I predict the treatment of depression with scenar could become the most significant application of this therapy. There will be resistance in the mainstream to this!
This is my personal experience of scenar. I had basic treatment during training without any particular health complaint. So the goal was simple balancing of my nervous system. Afterwards, I felt wonderful, better than I had felt in decades. I had energy, great sleep that night, all of my senses, tast, smell, touch, hearing and sight were acute and better. I have felt great since. It positively impacted my mood. I was joyful and positive on my life outlook. I felt grounded and well balanced.
This report is typical of my patients as well. They simply love it. I relieve pain and they feel overall better as well. I treated one person for a stiff neck that was resolved in one treatment. They reported later that their knees had hurt them for decades because of former sports injuries. The pain was gone and had not returned. I really did not focus the therapy on arthritic joint pain but the body knew what it needed to heal.
Ok so I am not advocating a panacea for treatment of all medical issues with a cure. That would be inappropriate and illegal to do so. I am saying that of all my many therapies, this one is golden based on my clinical experience and patient response.
The question that I am sure skeptics of my statements would ask is: why have we not heard of this before. I suppose it is because the therapy requires time and effort on the practitioner. When one has a profit based medical system, quick and easy is best for business. If I can see 30 patients in a day and simply write prescriptions, why not do it. That is a money maker. If I have to spend 20 to 30 minutes or have a nurse or assistant do it, would I make as much money? The answer is no. Remember, in Russia and most countries with national health insurance, the goal is results not profit. Their health care policy emphasizes efficacy or results. You can draw your own conclusions.
As a Cigna provider, my patients love it. Their plans pay for treatment and the patients get great results. I am one of them. If you are interested, call my office. Otherwise, there are acupuncture and chiropractic therapies of course. I blend these therapies with Scenar to promote resolution to the problem. Dear reader: just because you have had the issue for a long time, does not mean there is no hope of resolution. You simply need to take action. I have solutions for you!
When we move to health care, we will see therapy that works and does not cost huge amounts of money. As long as disease treatment and management is the business model, alternative therapies will never impress that establishment. Alternative therapy could be bad for profits. It is not an issue of efficacy because the mainstream will fight issues of efficacy that is bad for business.
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